Singapore’s Metropolitan Attractions

While in Singapore City, you’ll never get bored as there are several attractions to visit and explore. As one of the topmost countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore is not only a financially stable nation; it is also the nest of different tantalizing scenery which gives joy and excitement to all people most especially foreign visitors. Most attractions that you can find here are one of a kind and cannot be found somewhere else in the planet.


Great living things

Due to Singapore’s mild and calm climate all year-round, amusing creatures like birds, flowers and different animals are significantly present. Mainly, Jurong Bird Park is a haven for more than 8,000 birds and it houses the well-known South American toucan and is the world’s leading collector of Southeast Asian hornbills and the second biggest collector of penguins.

The Botanical Garden in Singapore is a sanctuary of different lovely flowers including orchids and Singapore’s national flower – Vanda Miss Joaquim. More than 2,000 animals in Singapore Zoological Gardens are housed in which you can get closer to them.


The Merlion

Situated in front of Fullerton Hotel, the Merlion statue is the national symbol of Singapore. This creature has a lion’s head and a fish-like body.

Maritime Scenery

As one of the most visited places in Singapore, Sentosa Island has long miles of resorts as well as beaches. In here, you can view the famous dugong (sea cow) and play with dolphins and seals. Also, you can see sea creatures that are fed and trained by expert marine life instructors.



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