The Best Live Band for Your Wedding

Getting a Singapore wedding live band entails learning about certain things in order for you to arrive at the best choice. Which is better: part-time musicians or the professionals? How about your venue and wedding theme? Do you really need to see the band perform live before hiring them? You will find out the answers to these questions as you go through this article.

Part-time or Professional Musicians

It does not necessarily follow that if a group of musicians is part-time and amateur, they are no longer reliable and that they cannot play good wedding live music. There are some part-time and amateur bands that are highly trained, have good musical ability, and have a professional attitude when it comes to bookings and performing in special occasions, while others need more practice and experience.

On the other hand, professional musicians can assure you of an outstanding performance, which is your primary concern as you want everything about your wedding to be perfect. A professional wedding live band in Singapore most likely has everything you have been looking for in a live band: musical ability, versatility, professionalism, and others. Compared to part-time musicians, these full-time musicians from in Singapore devote all their time to playing music. The only downside of hiring professionals instead of part-time or amateurs is that they can really be expensive. However, you surely get what you pay for.

Whether you hire the professionals as you want to be sure or the amateurs as you trust them and want to give a try, make sure to check their credentials before booking.

The Band and The Theme

When you were still on the first part of the wedding preparations, you first thought of a wedding theme to serve as the main concept of your wedding. Everything about your wedding should correspond with this particular theme. That includes venue decorations, wedding invitations and keepsakes, bridesmaid dresses, and even your entertainment. When you hire a Singapore wedding live band, you need to think of your wedding theme. For example, it is not appropriate to hire a rock band when you have a fairy tale theme. Now if you will be having a beach wedding with a tropical kind of theme, a reggae band might be your awesome choice to play wedding live music for you and your guests.

The Band and The Venue

Especially when you will be holding your big day in a hotel, the management may be strict in implementing their specifications and other requirements with regards to having live bands. They might be requested to submit certain documents such as liability insurance, electrical safety, and even risk assessment. Furthermore, any hotel management is strict when it comes to noise. Hotel wedding venues are soundproofed to prevent noise from disturbing local residents. In some cases, there are also sound limiters that are installed for the purpose of cutting off music once it gets too loud. A good wedding live band in Singapore is familiar with sound limiters, and they can adjust accordingly. Additionally, your venue should be spacious enough to accommodate the band with their musical instruments and other equipment. They should not feel that they are being restricted as it can affect their performance.

Summary: To get a really cool band to play at your Singapore wedding banquet, you need to consider a couple of factors. In this guide, we give suggestions on how you can choose the right band based on your wedding theme and venue, and what kind of musicians you should hire.

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