The Great Perfume Guide: Looking for a Scent that Fits Your Personality

It is a nice feeling to smell good. When you smell good, many people will come to you. Somehow your perfume acts like a hook or a magnet that can bait or attract many people. If you smell bad, all people will try to avoid you. That is not a good thing to think about. With this, you should consider applying perfume.


You should know that scents are made depending on one’s personality. There is a scent for everyone. You should look for your own scent. If you cannot make one, you should continuously scour the market until you find the right one. Here’s a guide in looking for that perfect scent that fits your personality:


Woody scents are natural scents you smell every day. Woody scents include wintery and warm smells and scents. Woody scents are often accompanies with aromatic or citrus notes. If you are a nature lover, this scent is definitely for you. In the bottle, you have to look for cedar, oak, sandalwood and vetiver.


Oriental scents speak of rich and sensual fragrances. Often times it also speaks of exotic scents. Oriental is also called amber. It is famous for its sensuality. If you like to make a statement, oriental scents are definitely for you. In the bottle, you have to look for ginger, alcove, cinnamon and many more.



Green scents are usually casual scents. Green scents are used by people who are sporty and wants a fresh vibe. If you are a relaxed person, green scents are the best for you. In the bottle, you have to look for violet leaves, rhubarb, ivy leaves and galbanum.


Fruity scents are more adventurous. It embodies freshness and spiciness. Fruity scents are quite popular now because of its modernity. If you want to embody a youthful spirit, you should consider this scent. In the bottle, you have to look for peach, apple, melon, raspberry, cherry, apricot and many more.


Floral scents speak of femininity. It also speaks of romantic and traditional scents. The good thing about this scent is its many variations. If you love to smell flowers and bouquet, you should consider the floral scent. In the bottle, you have to look for tuberose, jasmine, rose, lily, peony and many flowers.

Looking for the right scent is not easy and sometimes it takes a long time before you discover it but rest assured that you will find it in time. The important thing here is you do not stop looking for it. When you find the right one, do not give it up. You can add more scents in your collection but never give up your favourite because it defines your character.


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