The Rise of Bibliophilism in Singapore

On 2005, through the National Library Board (NLB), Singapore organized a nationwide campaign about promoting a society of Singaporean readers. This campaign was designed to give an opportunity for the kids, youth and adult, to develop their desire to read. In the long run, this campaign is hopeful to turn the Singaporean people into a bibliophile nation.


These are the characteristic of a typical bibliophile:

The smarter one

Bibliophile’s reads bounteous books.  Definitely if you read a lot, you will gain more knowledge and understanding about so many things. And if you will notice, those people who are considered “intelligent” are always seen reading books.

The one who knows how to be stress free by just reading

A person who reads a lot of high-quality novel makes him forget about everything else. Just look at those who are reading under the trees, who are seems to be so relax and calm. They seem to have that intimate connection with the story.

The one who are superb in vocabulary

A person, who loves reading, look at the words thoroughly. They look at the spelling, the grammar and the meaning of the words they are reading.  Of course, you can’t understand what you are reading, if you don’t understand every word indicated there.

The one who has a better memory

They are the one whose memory muscles works all the time. When you read, you have to remember some details, facts and figures. This will create new pathways for your brain to recall and toughen your existing ones.


The one who has a stronger analytical skills

Those people who are considered as a bibliophile thinks more and seems to have better viewpoints than others who don’t read a lot. When you read, it magnifies your knowledge because you have to use your brain, you have to think more and you have to widen your frame of reference.

The highly skilled writer

Enhanced vocabulary and stronger analytical skills are the results of reading a lot, which an excellent writer posseses.

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