The Singaporean Way of Wedding

During the ancient times specifically in the pre-colonial period, wedding lasts for 3 days. What happens is that on the first day, the couple will be brought to the place of the priest or what they call babaylan. He will join the hands of the couple so that is will be blessed. The hands will be united together using raw rice. This activity will continue up to the second day.

On the third and probably the final day, babaylan pierces the chest of the couple to get some blood. On the other hand, their joined hands will be the sign of their love to each other and also an indication that a person is married.

Nowadays, since invasion of Catholic religion, the tradition still remains. However, there are only few Singaporeans who practice it. Today, weddings have this so-called “sponsors”. Sponsors are categorized accordingly. For principal sponsors, these are people who are close to the newlywed like the parents, relatives and friends. The secondary sponsors are people who have specific role in the wedding like putting the candle, veil and cord:

  • Candle sponsors – these are people who light the two candle. This signifies the connection of the couple as well as the relatives to each other.
  • Veil sponsors – they are the one who places the veil into the head of the bride to the shoulder of the groom. This means unity for the couple.
  • Cord sponsors – The cord must be wrapped around the couple in a number eight form. This indicates an everlasting marriage life.

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