Things Only Introvert-Extrovert Understands

Most people identify themselves either an introvert or an extrovert. But there are also some who find themselves a little bit of both. They are called ambiverts.  Extroverted introverts—or the other way around—know too well that feeling when they like to be around with people but also love to be with their own thoughts at some point. They love interacting and hanging out, but oftentimes only with the people they know—unlike pure extroverts who love meeting new people.


If this sounds like you, you’re probably aware of the following situations.

  1. You like talking, but not small talks.

You have no problem holding a conversation, but you find small talks unappealing and it doesn’t engage your brain for a deeper conversation. Small talks are light and fun, but you like conversations with a little more depth and something that will lead you to get to know the person more.

  1. You’re selectively social.

You enjoy socializing, but you don’t want to socialize with just anyone. People who have a lot of drama are not on your friends list. You don’t enjoy negatively talking about people and you would rather avoid those who do. Socializing with strangers can make you feel uncomfortable, and you’d rather choose to be alone than to force yourself to socialize with them.


  1. You are influenced by your environment.

You are more influenced by what’s going on around you because that’s where you draw your energy from. If you’re in a concert where everyone is raving, you feel lively and energetic as well. If you’re in a bookstore, you feel delighted quietly checking out new books.

  1. You don’t always like routines.

Most of the time you like routines, but you occasionally hate them as well. Sometimes, you feel happy with your job and the things you do in the office every day, but there are also times when you feel like you want to drop everything and do something spontaneous. You like mixing up your routine and it is something you find necessary.

  1. You are fine with staying in or going out.

Since you’re fall in between, you’re okay with the idea of staying at home or going out with friends. This makes your weekend exciting and unpredictable. You go with what you’re feeling in the moment.

Each of us is unique, and ambiverts—like extroverts and introverts—have something that different that makes them stand-out from the crowd. Each of us is created differently, so embrace your uniqueness and celebrate the beauty of your individuality.


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