Tips for Choosing the Best Boutique Gym

Singaporeans are clearly health conscious these days. If you prefer hitting the gym or health clubs, you should know that there are different kinds here in Singapore – big gyms and small boutique gyms. Big gyms are spacious with myriad of equipment. The good thing about big gyms is you will meet lots of people. However, many people are starting to realize that big gyms are noisy and crowded. This is the reason why small boutique gyms are getting popular.


Small boutique gyms are small, limited and with few members. The good thing about small boutique gyms is its personalized service. Small boutique gyms are lucrative that owners noticed the rise of membership compared last year. What makes boutique gyms popular? The exclusivity of training is appealing to its members. Here are some tips for choosing the best boutique gym:

  • Know what you need: If you consider boutique gyms because of its popularity, you are really not thinking of its health benefits. You should know what you need before indulging. If you want a customized or personalized program like crossfit, rock climbing, yoga and others, you have to get the most of boutique gyms.


  • Consider the location: Another tip is you should consider the location of the gym. It should be near your house or near your workplace. In other words, it should be somewhere in between your house and workplace. This is for your convenience.
  • Know the price: Yes, boutique gyms are small but they are expensive. It is expensive because of its exclusivity. You determine how much you can shed for workouts. If you cannot handle its monthly membership, perhaps big gyms are better for you.
  • Know what they offer: The next thing that you should consider is the services offered by the boutique gym. Now that you know what you need, you should look for gyms that offer such. Do not just choose a gym out of curiosity or whim. You are only wasting your money.
  • Ask when you are in doubt: When you are in doubt, you should ask someone knowledgeable, say the trainer or the receptionist. If you have friends, you can also seek their ideas and thoughts about boutique gyms.

Indeed boutique gyms are interesting but you have to know that specialized classes are not for everyone. If you think you cannot do it, you have to stop. Boutique gyms are not that expensive so you can afford it. If you prefer hitting big gyms because you like to interact with fellow health practitioners, there is nothing wrong with that.

Have a good workout!


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