Tips for Choosing the Right Sports Shoes  


When we look for any type of shoe, we only consider its aesthetic beauty. Just because they are beautiful doesn’t mean they are great for our feet. We have to know that shoes these days have many features that seek to give more than aesthetic face value.


Shoes these days are concentrated on improving performance. If at this point in time we are looking for the right sports shoes, we have to consider different tips. The tips include:

  • Know the best time: We have to know that there is the best time to buy sports shoes. We just do not buy it anytime of the day. If we want it to be right, we have to buy shoes at the end of the day. We will notice that are feet are swollen at the end of the day and this will represent how our sports shoes will fit us during and after our work out.


  • Look for shoes with arch support: If we are flat footed, we should look for shoes that have arch support. The arch support is in the form of hump. The arch will support our feet. We have to remember that a shoes with good support can make a difference.
  • Observe mileage: If we need to wear flat shoes at the end of the day, there is no need to increase our mileage excessively. We have to at least slowly build up our workout for several weeks to allow our body to adjust.

The tips were given by Dr David Su, formerly the Singapore General Hospital Medical Director for Food and Ankle Surgery. Now, he is affiliated at The Orthopaedic Centre.


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