Tips on Choosing the Best Garbage Disposal

You’ll find garbage disposals in a Singapore home that value keeping the environment clean and green. This often neglected but faithful household helping device may not be the usual favorite when it comes to house furniture and appliances but it becomes every mom’s favorite every after meal times. Just like other household devices, a garbage disposal has different models you can choose from. They have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages as well. And as always, specific needs should be considered whenever looking for a garbage disposal that will best serve our household.


How often would you be using it?

A household may be using a garbage disposal at least three times every day but this is not always the case for everyone. It is therefore wise to consider first how often your household will be using the garbage disposal on a daily basis.

Large households may cook meals quite often so they may have heavier demands for a garbage disposal. A childless couple or a family of four may only have light demand for a garbage disposal. Meanwhile, there are those who live alone or are most often out or do not eat home a lot and may not need a garbage disposal that much.

How handy are you?

Most garbage disposals are very easy to install and replace but they usually are designed DIY style. So you need to consider if you think you’ll be capable enough in setting up the garbage disposal. You can be sure these are the types that are sold at low prices. But you really don’t have to worry as they usually come with easy to understand installation manuals and some companies even have tutorial videos on their company website.


How much is your budget?

Budget is almost always a top consideration for households. If this is your priority, you need to learn what features your household will be willing to compromise. Most of the cheaper garbage disposals generate noise when during their grinding operations. If you’re willing to put up with this, then you can save a lot of money with the cheaper garbage disposals. Most of the cheaper ones are also those that are small in sizes, have weaker horsepower motor, and have only limited warranty. Some amateurs on garbage disposal installations also have claimed success on the first time they gave it a try.

Do you live with children at home?

You might want to consider safety measures if you’re living with children at home. These youngsters may go unsupervised over the kitchen sink and poke their little fingers around. There are garbage disposals that are safer to use especially with children around since these garbage models will only start grinding once you attach its magnetic lid on. Unfortunately, this is also the more expensive of the types of garbage disposals. But when it comes to your children, it’s no longer a question of how much. The priority shifts to a question of how safe.

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