Tips on Conducting a Productive Job Interview

Your company in Singapore is starting to grow and there are more and more job openings. Then you start interviewing people, but it seems you’re still having difficulty with the interview itself. Sometimes the candidates are nervous, and sometimes the interviews are just too stiff. So, here are some tips you can use to make your interviews more productive.

Remember what you’re looking for in the candidate

Before any interview, try to review the qualifications and responsibilities needed for the position. Let’s just say that the interviewee is a smooth talker and he’s got you hooked so you think about giving him the job. But you don’t realize that he barely fits the responsibilities for the position. Remembering what you’re looking for the position helps keep you level-headed, especially if there is more than one candidate.

Prepare open-ended questions

Interviews almost always consist of open-ended questions. This is simply because it encourages the other person to elaborate and give more information. It will also make the interview process more consistent and it can also be used to make comparisons between candidates a lot easier.

Review the resume

It would also be good to go over the candidate’s resume before the interview. Most of the time, you’ll have to frame questions connected to the information they give in their resume just to check if they’re not pretending. There are even some employers who try to look into the candidate’s social media accounts to learn about them better.

Make the interviewee comfortable

A lot of people would think that this is favorable to the candidate, but that’s usually the case. If your interviewee is nervous, chances are he’ll forget important points or maybe even have a hard time speaking. If he is comfortable though, it will be easier for him to answer and it makes the interview more conversational and personal. It would do good to smile as the interviewee enters or even offer him a glass of water.

Make sure to be a good listener

You have to remember that you’re not there just to ask questions. Although, understandably, there will be times when you tune out what the interviewee is saying. Even so, it would really serve your best interest if you listen attentively. If you show that you are listening, it makes it easier for the interviewee to speak up. So, you’ll get to learn more about them and see if they really have the qualifications.

Make sure to follow-up

After the interview, you should also follow up on the candidates to let them know of the results. Even if they don’t get the position, you should still send them a message so that they can take the opportunity elsewhere. This will also leave a good impression and will sometimes have the candidate refer others to your company.

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