Traditional Art Gallery vs. Online Art Gallery

Gone are the days where staying at home can’t do anything but watch TV. Today, the world seems to be very reachable because of the advent of the Internet. You can do pretty much everything if you have Internet access at home, including purchase of art pieces. So whenever you want to buy or just admire artworks, you don’t have to drive a mile away just to go to the nearest art gallery Singapore.

Traditional Art Gallery


One advantage of traditional art gallery that somehow lacks in online gallery is the validity of art authenticity. In online gallery, since pictures can be edited, flaws and authenticity marks can easily be removed or added to look appealing to the consumers, which is quite risky if you’re aiming to purchase an expensive piece of art. In traditional art gallery, you get to scrutinize and view the artwork much closer to validate its authenticity. If you’re an art enthusiast with an eye that can spot authentic from fake, you’ll greatly benefit in traditional art gallery than in online gallery.

If you’re an artist aiming for an exclusive art exhibition, an online gallery may not be good choice. Since the Web is easily accessible by anyone, you cannot achieve the exclusivity you’re aiming for. For world-renowned artists or artists who intent to do an exhibit for a certain group of people, traditional art galleries can help control the number and kind of audiences in your exclusive art exhibit.

Online Art Gallery


Online art galleries have solved location and mobility problems for art enthusiasts. Online art galleries did not only make it possible for viewers to view works of art  from all over the world, but it also serves as an excellent platform for both aspiring and prominent artists to showcase their works on a much larger scale.

Another advantage that online art gallery has is that the viewers can view and buy art works at their own leisure. Though there’s much charm associated with actually viewing an artwork in person at vinci affordable art singapore but only a few people can actually afford to do it. With the travel costs, work related problems, and daily commitments, one cannot afford to simply go and leisurely view artworks with all those baggage left behind. This is where online art galleries have definite edge over traditional galleries. You can now purchase art pieces without spending a single cent for travel expenses.

Furthermore, when you sign-up for an online gallery membership, you’ll automatically receive email updates of next events. You may also receive catalogs of artworks through email so you can browse at your convenient time. Previous exhibits and paintings are also recorded and forwarded to you for your reference. For events held simultaneously, you can inquire or check online on how to attend the art exhibitions in person. An online gallery website allows you to view art at your own convenience.

If you’re an aspiring artist, selling your works on a Singapore online gallery allows larger scale of viewers to browse through your works. Also, websites today are much more affordable than traditional gallery spaces in Singapore. Through online, you don’t only expand your reach but save a lot from gallery rental expenses as well.

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