Visit Baba House

If you visited the Pernakan Museum and you want more, you should visit Baba House. Baba house shows in depth details about Pernakan history, architecture and tradition. At the end of the tour, you will surely gain additional insights into Straits Chinese. You will find it at 157 Neil Road. The house was given by Ms. Agnes Tan as a present to the National University of Singapore (NUS). The house was opened on September 2008.

Many people prefer the Baba house than the Pernakan Museum because the house grasps a detailed overview of Pernakan way of life. Here’s what you need to know about the Baba House:


The first two storeys of the house feature sets of furniture (bed, chairs, tables, etc.), wares, and intricate interiors. Furniture pieces belonged to the Wee estate and other Pernakan families. The third floor temporarily features exhibitions for practicing artisans and researchers.

Getting there

You can take a taxi, MRT or bus. Taking the taxi is most convenient but if you want to save money, MRT is fine. You just need to stop at Outram Park station. If you want to ride the bus, look for bus lines 167, 196 and 197.

Admission charges

The admission charge for Baba Houses costs about S$10.00 for adults. For seniors, it is S$8, for 18 years and below, it is S$5 and for National University of Singapore students, it is S$3.

Operating hours

This is crucial. Remember that you need to sign up in advance for the Baba House tour. Each tour will last for an hour. The house can cater to small groups (maximum of 12 people) because of the limited space of the house not to mention the delicateness of Peranakan wares. Tours are every Monday (2pm), Tuesday (6.30pm), Thursday (10am) and Saturday (11am).

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