What Makes a Blockbuster Movie?

Since the first movie theatre in Singapore opened in early 1900s, thousands of both local and international films of all genres have already made their way to the country’s cinemas. Some of those movies just came and went, but quite a number of them have been labelled as blockbuster movies.

The Fact that People Get Bored

Since people generally get bored easily, it’s quite difficult to please them. This fact poses a challenge to all filmmakers. Before entering the movie house, these people who pay money to get a chance to watch a particular film already have set their expectations regarding the movie they are going to watch. A movie in its entire aspect should therefore hit the expectations of the viewers.

It’s also a fact that people are in constant search of movies that will entertain them. If a particular movie fails to entertain the general moviegoers, then unfortunately it also fails to be called a blockbuster.

Factors to Consider

There are actually several factors to look into whether or not a motion picture can be labelled as blockbuster. Its box office gross is one factor. A movie has to generate profit amounting to millions of dollars in just a short period of time, say 2 months. Another factor is its “enduring appeal”. A movie will still continue to make earnings even after its showing in the theatres. This is through DVDs, internet downloads, etc.

For a movie to be considered as classic and blockbuster, it needs to appeal to the interests of movie aficionados for a very long period of time. Another factor is it has to get the attention of professional movie critics. Their reactions towards a film, whether good or bad, are very important although the public may or may not have the same reactions as them.

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